About Us


History of the
Licensing Executive Society

The Society had its beginnings as the Licensing Society (Singapore) (LSS) which was officially launched at the Licensing Asia 1999 Conference on 6 November 1999.

LSS was admitted as a member of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) in May 2000 and the Society was renamed as Licensing Executives Society (Singapore).

The events and people involved in making it all happen are chronicled in From Nothing to “LESS” – The Story of the Licensing Executives Society (Singapore) [LES Sg Newsletter Issue no 1 – Aug 2001]


Our Members

Our members deal with intellectual property rights in one way or the other, whether it be the licensing and technology transfer of IP rights, the protection of IP rights, the valuation of IP rights, and come from companies both big and small, law firms, universities and government organisations.

They are from industry, licensing professionals, lawyers or attorneys, patent agents, auditors and etc.


LES International

LES International is an association of 30 national and regional societies, each composed of individual members who are engaged in the profession of licensing and other aspects of transferring or profiting from intellectual property.

The LES family is business-oriented for the most part, and its over 10,000 individual members include management representatives from companies both large, medium and small, scientists, engineers, academicians, governmental officials, lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and consultants.