Are you engaged in the profession of licensing and other aspects of transferring or profiting from intellectual property in Singapore?

Attention: Licensing professionals, lawyers, trademark & patent attorneys, government officers, consultants, managing directors, company executives, accountants, entrepreneurs, licensors, licensees, venture capitalists, scientists, engineers, inventors and academicians.

The Licensing Executives Society (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation for professionals engaged in the business of technology transfer, intellectual property, internal asset management and licensing.

LES Sg is part of the international network of the Licensing Executive Society, LES International (LESI), which has over 10,000 members worldwide.

LES Sg seeks to raise industry awareness on and to promote training and education in technology transfer, intellectual property and licensing, as well as to forge regional and international linkages to promote licensing.

Members can keep abreast of developments in licensing worldwide and learn new skills, tools and processes of the licensing profession through the various LES conferences, workshops, and seminars, and by drawing on the resources of the international network of members.

As Singapore gears up for a knowledge-based economy and aims to be a regional intellectual property hub, LES Sg will continue to play an important role in building up the licensing profession here in Singapore.