07 April 2020 – Joint Webinar by LES Singapore and EverEdge: How to Value, License & Monetize Data


How to Value, License & Monetize Data

Today, data is a core business asset. However, when it comes to monetising data, many companies erroneously see data (and other intangible assets) as an IT issue and cost centre and approach the management of it from a technical challenge perspective. In fact, the monetisation of data and other digital assets are actually asset utilisation issues.

If you want to successfully convert data into value you need to develop a business case that carefully calculates not just the potential return, but also the costs and risks involved. This includes dealing with the legal, reputational, and technical risks and challenges, including identifying who the rightful owner of the data is. Does it belong to the customer, to a vendor engaged by the company or is it exclusively owned by the company?

Hosted by Lionel Tan, President of the Licensing Executive Society (Singapore), join Tyler Capson, Managing Director – Asia at global intangible asset advisory and valuation firm EverEdge Global, as he shares insights, case studies and practical advice on:

  • How to determine ownership of data.
  • How to unlock value and drive increased performance from data and such assets.
  • How to switch the conversation from data being viewed as a cost centre, to an asset that can be utilised.
  • The issues to be aware of when licensing access to data.
  • Identifying and mitigating the technical, legal, and reputational risks and challenges relating to data.
  • Why traditional valuation methods do not work for data and other intangible assets, and to value these critical assets.

Webinar logistics:
Date: Wednesday, 07 April, 2021 
Time: 2.00 – 3.00 pm SGT