Joint Webinar with the Singapore Land Authority GeoWorks – Thursday 26 March 2020

LES (Singapore) organised a joint webinar with the Singapore Land Authority GeoWorks on Thursday 26 March 2020 on the topic of “Intellectual Property and Licensing Issues in the GeoSpatial Industry”.    GeoWorks is South East Asia’s first geospatial industry centre operated by the Singapore Land Authority.      It aims to foster a vibrant geospatial ecosystem by bringing together MNCs, start-ups and government agencies to promote business growth, drive innovation and build a diverse, well-connected geospatial community. 

The webinar has presented by Mr Chiew Yu Sarn, Vice President of LES Singapore and canvassed issues such as what Intellectual Property rights should GeoTech companies protect, licensing issues to be aware of and how to mitigate against infringement of IP rights.   Yu Sarn shared his experience in advising various Geotech companies on licensing their technology and provided practical insights on how best to leverage their IP.  The session was followed by an engaging question and answer session with the various participants who had joined the webinar online.