The world beyond FRAND: deciding over reasonable royalties as a measure of damages

In this seminar, Darts-ip, the leading provider of global IP litigation analytics, will offer you insights and understanding on recent developments worldwide when it comes to the calculation of a reasonable royalty as a measure for damages, with a particular emphasis on non-SEP litigations. Defining royalty bases, royalty rates, comparable licenses or even the apportionment… Small changes in each of these matters can result in changes of millions in the resulting compensation of an infringement case. Enhance your awareness of the international litigation landscape and leverage that information into your daily practice by predicting risks and understanding judicial trends anywhere in the world.

Speaker: Mr Francois Neuville, Executive Director Darts-IP

François Neuville is Executive Director for Darts-ip, the world leading IP case law database. From his offices in Hong Kong and Kolkata, his role is to develop Darts-ip activities in Asia. Having strong knowledge in Intellectual Property and Competition thanks to his Advanced Master in Intellectual Property law and Competition law (Belgium) and over 9 years of experience in IP, he is helping clients across Asia to develop their strategies. Over the years, Francois has trained and helped clients in various industries (ranging from Pharmaceuticals to IT) to understand how to leverage litigation information in order to make strategic decisions on product launch, litigation risk assessment and identifying licensing opportunities.

Details of the event are as set out below:

Date: Thursday 27th February 2020

Time: 5:45 pm – 7:30 pm

Venue: INFUSE Theatrette Level 14 Connexis South Tower, Fusionopolis Singapore 138632

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